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Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 3, 2012 22:14:49 August 3, 2012 22:14:49

Sasha!  I need you to be honest with me.  I’m 41 and I’m fairly conservative but I saw my niece the other day with this adorable lip purse.  I want one too now!  Break it to me am I too old? Love L.


F-ck that noise.  If I’m toting around a pineapple purse, then you sure as sh-t can have a lip purse in your life.  Plus, there’s no room for fashion ageism around these parts, so let’s get shopping!

Let me introduce you the purse pucker of all purse puckers - Lulu Guinness. Lips are her style M.O so L, I’ve chosen a few of my favorites from here collection here (1), here (2), and here (3).

Sasha Finds: Lip Purses

Someone else leaving their kiss mark on the style scene is Diane Von Furstenberg and once again I’ve sleuthed out my standouts here (4), here (5), and here (6).

Sasha Finds: Lip Purses

Now if you’re looking for more of a statement piece then a great way to make that style splash is with a little clutch and L, I’ve found you a few here (7), here (8)...

Sasha Finds: Lip Purses

…here (9), and here (10).

But fine, if you’re married to the idea of having a proper bag with a strap then no sweat, I’ve got you covered with some fly styles here (11), here (12)...

Sasha Finds: Lip Purses

…here (13), here (14), and I gotta say this (15) one from H&M is pretty right on. 

Sasha Finds: Lip Purses

While this last find might be too advanced for you L, if there are any fashion risk takers out there then plant one all over this (16) loud and proud backpack.

Sasha Finds: Lip Purses

Thanks for writing in and I hope you found something you loved! xx


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