My cousin Cat thinks so. She’s big into Elementary. And once in a while on my bbm there will be a sly inquiry about Jonny Lee Miller. Like, are you sure you don’t want to post any photos of him today?

I don’t have a strong opinion either way. All I can tell you is that Jacek and I were waiting for the subway in New York a few weeks ago standing right beside him. He was wearing a black pea coat and a tweed cap. Pause and picture this. When we walked ahead so I could find a garbage can, I told Jacek that that was the dude who plays Sherlock Holmes on TV.

Jacek: So the guy who plays Sherlock Holmes on TV dresses like Sherlock Holmes when he rides the subway with an air of mystery?

This was said with a considerable amount of disdain. I had to laugh. Unfair?