Queen Elizabeth showed up at the England-Australia cricket match today in London. She spoke with the players for an hour after arriving late, then went to her box for a bit, and then left early, prompting many to speculate that she was rushing off because Katy Cambridge was in labour. So far, there’s been no confirmation that Kate’s birthing the future king or queen. But it’s been a week since her due date, and people are anxious, high alert. Any time anyone shuts a door they think it might finally be the NEWS. It’s also pretty hot over there. So you can imagine how it feels for the world media, waiting outside the hospital now for days, anxious to meet this child. They would have had to get there in advance, like at the beginning of the month, and now this baby is pulling a Mimi not only on their asses but the Queen’s too.

Not that it matters but my preference now is that she delivers tomorrow, which will give us something to talk about, and steps out of the hospital on Monday, so that we can write about it again with the new photos.

Heir is going to be the GREAT for Gossip. Might as well accommodate us early.