Leonardo DiCaprio fraternised with Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton thus destroying Germany’s hopes at a World Cup title. Warner Bros is hoping that that’s the extent of their star’s Ebola infection. And that it is no longer contagious. Because of course they’re hoping for a hit with Inception. The product is good enough, the buzz is great enough, the critical reception has been outstanding enough, it’s now up to the box office. They need Ebola’s effects then to have been used up completely on soccer.

The Inception cast was in London last night for the UK premiere. Leo and his over tanned old man bloat face posed with Ellen Page and good friend Marion Cotillard. I don’t like my Marion’s dress. It’s much better from the side, yes, but from the front there’s nothing flattering happening at all.

As for Ellen Page, after Inception promotion she’ll go back to work in LA on Tilda, the HBO not-a-biopic-but-really-a-biopic-expose of notorious blogger Nikki Finke with Diane Keaton. Please. I need to see this movie NOW.

Also attached – Cillian Murphy, making me uncomfortable as usual, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (he better be great in this movie because I am over it), and Tom Hardy, for whom many of you have been campaigning to be on the Freebie 5. I can see what you mean, and I have some issues with his height, but a colleague of mine was on the Inception junket last week and said he is really, really hot in person – super sexy, speaks with a quivering accent, a major major Man.

Photos from Wenn.com and Ian Gavan/Gettyimages.com