According to US Weekly they met up in secret last month – because Liam was missing her and wanted to reconnect. Evidently the meeting went well because now they’re sexting each other. The magazine’s source says that:

“Liam still has feelings. The attraction hasn't gone away.”

Of course it hasn’t. She’s a big f-cking deal. She became a huge f-cking deal after tapping out of that relationship. And Liam? Liam now one of the guys who's in a movie franchise with Jennifer Lawrence – the one who used to be engaged to Miley Cyrus. At best you could say things are the same with him. At worst, no one gives a sh-t. Maybe that’s why he misses her, hmmm?

As for Miley, she supposedly remains confused about whether or not they should give it another go and besides, their work schedules might get in the way. Do.Not.Look.Back.