Catherine of William attended a reception in honour of Team GB athletes from the Olympic and Paralympic Games yesterday at Buckingham Palace alongside Her Majesty the Queen while her father-in-law Prince Charles hit up the Bond Skyfall premiere. She and Will have made separate appearances the last couple of weeks or so. Will is apparently now back in Wales at work. The other Captain Wales, Harry of course, is still in Afghanistan and, in a classically stupid story from the UK Sun, apparently reading aloud from his sister-in-law’s sister’s book, Celebrate. According to the paper’s sources, Harry jokes that Pippa’s his “wifey in the making” and entertains his army buddies by reciting pages from her party guide.

First of all, as IF Hot Harry reads.

And second, as IF they would be sending men on military duty Pippa’s tips on how to arrange flowers instead of something more porn.

I really miss him. Will he be back for Christmas?