But first, check out hot Harry being super cute with the babies in Australia the other day. The thing about Harry that’s so irresistible and entertaining is that he doesn’t seem to change his personality with the venue or the event. Wherever he is, Hot Harry is always at the club.

Tonight Harry is at a fundraiser for Sentebale in Dubai. Pretty sure that if he wanted to have a naked pool party there they wouldn’t have a social media iPhone problem. The question is does he want to have any more naked pool parties? Word is, Hot Harry is ready to marry, and this is according to the Telegraph, not the Daily Mail.  Supposedly Cressida Bonas, or Cressie as he calls her, is ready to join the royal family and there could be another royal wedding as soon as next year. Something about Harry turning 30 and maturing? Sure. But where he’s concerned that doesn’t necessarily mean that the naked pool parties have to stop.

I’m trying to decide if I believe that Prince Harry is actually ready to take a bride. He hates dressing up, for starters, and this would mean that he’d have to be in at least two dinner jackets and a military outfit the entire day. Prince William was very involved in putting together the guest list and many of the details for his wedding. Can you imagine Harry in a wedding guest list meeting? He’s a scamp, so he could probably bail on that altogether but then that would mean that Cressie would be doing it all by herself and then she might feel pushed around if he didn’t have a royal voice in there backing her up. Also, she’s only 24 so, we know he’s not all that mature and she’s of a certain age, this could get spectacularly messy…which is great for gossip, and the total opposite of Katy Cambridge which probably isn’t so good for the Firm. Then again he is the spare and with Little G in the world now Harry has even less pressure on his shoulders.

Meanwhile over at Buckingham Palace, Prince William was playing football today. The Mirror is reporting that Will and Kate went antique shopping while she was eight and a half months pregnant and as Will waited in the car Kate cheekily asked for a discount and got it, which ha ha great, she’s so frugal as ever but if I’m a shopkeeper, workin’ hard every day to pay my bills and feed my family and the future f-cking Queen comes into the store and haggles with me over ten percent I’d be kind of cheesed, wouldn’t you?