Daughter...or Dog?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 6, 2013 16:07:02 March 6, 2013 16:07:02

Everyone's all lathered up today because apparently, when Catherine Cambridge was in Grimsby yesterday, she may have revealed that the future monarch is female. US Weekly reports that:

During the engagement, the expectant Duchess of Cambridge, 31, was given a white teddy bear by a local, Diane Burton. "Thank you, I'll take that for my d--" Prince William's wife replied, tellingly cutting herself off mid-sentence.

When a well-wisher asked the royal if she was about to say "daughter," Middleton smiled and replied coyly, "We're not telling." Another witness, Sandra Cook, overheard the exchange and told reporters: "I said to her: 'You were going to say daughter weren't you?' and she said, 'No, we don't know.'" Remarked Cook, 67, to the Duchess: "I said, 'Oh, I think you do', to which she said: 'We're not telling.'" Middleton, meanwhile, happily clutched the teddy bear gift.

I know you're all preoccupied now about the sex of the child but can we please, for a minute, talk about the f-cking balls, borderline rudeness, of these people?

"Oh I think you do"...

Someone tells you once that they don't know the gender of their baby and even if you don't believe them, do you call them out on it? "Oh I think you do..." Yes. Apparently, if you're British, and talking to a pregnant royal, you do. And she can't complain. Because she knows they own her ass. Take note, Hollywood celebrities.

As for whether or not Kate's giving birth to the future Queen...

I say it was D for Dog and not Daughter. There's a Lupo at home. And if Lupo is anything like other dogs, including mine, a stuffed toy is always a great victim. Also, even though my experience with this is limited to my friends, do women already start referring to it as "daughter" or "son" when it's still in the womb? To me, it seems like something that would roll out of your mouth only after, like, the little person becomes...tangible. When you've seen it. No? Shut the f-ck up Lainey you childless c-nt? Ok.

One more observation though -- have you actually seen the clip of the alleged "slip"? We've been playing it back in the control room and...I dunno...I'm not hearing a D.



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