Ryan Gosling: strictly v-neck

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 6, 2012 15:11:01 August 6, 2012 15:11:01

Colin Farrell is strictly v-neck. And now... I think Ryan Gosling might be too.

Here’s Ryan at JFK airport this weekend after arriving from New Orleans in a striped v-neck. Reminds me of that Saturday Night Live digital short from last year featuring Ben Stiller and Andy Samberg. The point is...

There are dudes who are strictly v-neck. And, well, strictly v-neck dudes are kinda cheese, right? Sure, sure, push this away like everything else on the growing list of sh-t that’s wrong with Ryan Gosling because he’s just so hot but come on...

It’s a lot more contrived and a lot less casual than you originally thought, isn’t it?


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