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Once upon a time, Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe presented together at the Oscars. He told her to open the envelope because she made more money. Many raised eyebrows. I took it as a joke.

But as her star began to climb, as she became one of the highest paid, most popular actresses in Hollywood, so his sulky carby face began to make more and more appearances. And of course you know about the cheating. The rampant cheesy cheating. He’d be in the Cactus Club Yaletown in Vancouver and rotate 3 girls at once. He would text message corny ass sonnets. Total douche.

And then he met Abbie Cornish and he and Reese split up.

Ryan accompanied Abbie to Cannes this week. He did some press, not much, for The Bang Bang Club, and escorted Abbie to parties and premieres.

He also, according to Page Six hit up the VIP Room without Abbie and dragged a few blonde euro skankies around with him.

Meanwhile at the festival, the most well received, acclaimed film so far has been Jane Campion’s Bright Star. If you are a fan of The Piano, you will be relieved that Bright Star doesn’t disappoint. Not only – it’s outstanding. And it stars…

Abbie Cornish.

So far the film is the one to beat in the running for the Palme. And perhaps Best Actress for Cornish?

I met with a very well respected film festival insider yesterday and he described Abbie’s as “the performance of a lifetime”. It’s early days, yes, but so far, Bright Star is projected to do very, very well as the season progresses. Could hold up all the way to next February.

Sound familiar?

Abbie Cornish will eclipse him.

And I was just asking the other day, what will happen when Abbie becomes more successful than Ryan?

It’s starting already.

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