Been waiting for new shots of SJP because for a few days now there are have signs that a third Sex & The City movie might happen.

First Jennifer Hudson mentioned on a radio show saying that someone wanted to talk to her about it. Then SJP and Kristin Davis were squealing back and forth at each other on Twitter. It started when Kristin told SJP she missed her. SJP replied with the following:

@KristinDavis Me too you! Heard the news? X

And Kristen replied:

@SJP Yyyeessssss…But I'm afraid to get TOO excited yet - You let me know when we can celebrate. XO

And when a fan asked SJP what they were inside-tweeting about, she cryptically answered:

“That news zooming around”

But Kim Cattrall claims to know nothing about it.


Do you want this?

Do you want #3?

Are you waiting around, missing them, needing them to come back so we can see Carrie have a baby?

I’m not.

I could barely tolerate the first movie. The second one was a shambolic embarrassment. Maybe this time they’ll go to Asia and offend all the people there.