Stacy Keibler is pregnant. I’m not sure that George Clooney knows this. She might not know if he knows this. So here she is at the ELLE Annual Women In Music celebration in LA last night trying her best to belly-cup her baby bump. This may be a world record. For what?

The earliest in her pregnancy that a woman has ever attempted to belly-cup.

But is it ever too early to get in on the belly-cupping?

Look at her, trying to find something to cup.

Don’t tell me this is about how heavy it is or how it’s just more comfortable for your hand. REALLY? I’ve eaten fried rice that’s given me more of a belly to cup than what I’m seeing here.

The ONLY point here is to let you know that SHE IS PREGNANT.

Did you get the point?

Let me repeat it, in case you still don’t understand:


PS. What the f-ck is this hairstyle?