Yesterday US Weekly reported exclusively that Taylor Swift is “secretly” dating Matty Healy of The 1975. I don’t know how “secret” it is if we’ve been talking about it for over two weeks now. They’ve been wearing each other’s t-shirts. She’s been to several of his shows. I’m told they left together after one of them in New York to go back to the hotel and mess around.

But then PEOPLE followed with a story and a statement from her publicist:

"Taylor remains happily single. It is disappointing that her one birthday request was ignored."

That birthday request is what she said on Twitter the other day:



All her friends, I suppose, also means Karlie Kloss. Some idiots think they were making out at The 1975 show because of a blurry photo that showed up on social media.

To me it means nothing that her rep claims she’s “happily single”. A publicist’s job isn’t to tell the truth. A publicist’s job is to publicise his/her client. Also, everyone knows that you say you’re happily single so when it’s over you don’t have to admit to it. Having said that, she can be happily single and hooking up with Matt Healy at the same time, can’t she?

That would be the explanation that fits all her explanations. And if that’s the case – great. In fact, I hope for it. Sex without commitment is what you do before commitment, no matter what your gender. If more girls like Taylor made it OK we wouldn’t be so f-cking precious about when and how girls are allowed to f-ck. That said, I don’t expect her to stand up for it any time soon.

Here’s Taylor out in New York last night. She was hanging out with Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid, and one of Kanye West’s wife’s sisters. On Tuesday Taylor went to see Emma Stone in Cabaret.