The undeniable extra that is Swoki has led many to speculate about whether or not there’s an ulterior motive, and specifically whether or not it’s Tom Hiddleston who has an ulterior motive for dating Taylor Swift. Page Six is wondering if he’s using her to be the new Bond. This, to me, is absurd. If anything, Swoki is killing any chances he has at being the new Bond. Because of overexposure. It does present an interesting hypothetical dilemma though:

Tom seems super into Taylor. And he super, super wants to be Bond. So… if he had to Sophie’s Choice between the two, what would it be? This is a fun game, please play it with me.

Going back to that Page Six post though and the part that made me laugh. Wendy Williams was talking about the Swoki extra on her show, buying into the Bond theory, and calling Tom an “opportunist”. Her rationale?

“I’d never heard of this guy before — so how do you drum up votes [to become Bond]?”

More proof, if you needed it, that Tom Hiddleston is not as famous as the internet thinks he is. He’s definitely an upgrade for Taylor over Chip Holkum but there is definitely, definitely a fame imbalance here too. It’s just a matter of if he actually plans on using it…and how.

Yesterday Swoki went on a helicopter ride in Rome. He’s supposed to start shooting Thor in Australia soon. You think she’ll be joining him?