Like, get them away from her.

You might think that’s the usual Victoria Beckham bitchface on display during the LA Galaxy game yesterday but I wonder if it’s not her legendary resolve and determination we are seeing. This is a woman who never, ever indulges. No sweets, no fats, no fries, nothing. While raising three boys!

And so here it is, your inspiration the next time you’re struggling with temptation – Posh and a plate of cupcakes, right in her face, and she is steeling herself against the icing, willing herself to ignore the moist spongy cake, thinking instead about what to wear at the Royal Wedding, distracting herself with daydreams about being in the presence of those people, trying not to get too worked up about the fact that FINALLY, an invitation like this comes along, and it has to be when she’s pregnant.

It’s actually something the bitches over in England are loving. You know they despise her. And the fact that she gets to go, given that they’ll always think she’s chavvy no matter how stylised she’s become, is biting their asses in a big way. Which is why it’s a small but enjoyable consolation – and no question in anyone’s mind – that Posh must be so pissed that on this occasion, with 3 billion people watching, that she won’t be the thinnest person on the guest list.


She would never obsess about something as silly as that?


David inadvertently kinda sold her out last week about it too, telling Ryan Seacrest:

“We are very proud of our Royal family and to be invited to it, we are both excited. Victoria is a little bit worried because she will be a few more months pregnant by then.”

Who will take longer to get ready on April 29th? Kate Middleton or Victoria Beckham?

This is a really great poll question. Why don’t we have polls on this site anymore, Jacek?

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