Why you mad, Weight Watchers?

Maria Posted by Maria at December 6, 2012 21:44:34 December 6, 2012 21:44:34

Jessica Simpson has been pretty quiet since US Weekly’s OMG! She’s pregnant again cover. There’s been no official confirmation (or denial) but at this point it’s looking pretty solid. She is expecting again less than a year after having Maxwell. There’s always someone who gets pregnant while they are breastfeeding because they think they can’t; it’s not that unusual. I’m currently on a family vacation with my niece and nephew, 18 and 19.  I asked my sister-in-law if this was planned; she laughed. It happens.

According to US again, Weight Watchers is now pissed and feels the campaign has become useless because no one wants to take diet tips from a pregnant woman (fair point). It would be lame to run commercials of a thin Jessica when we can see a pregnant Jessica in real-time photos. Weight Watchers has since issued a denial to Gossip Cop:

“There have been no changes to our contract and we have a great relationship with her.“

Um, I’m going with US Weekly on this one.

It’s Jessica Simpson. Is a quick second pregnancy that shocking? No, it’s actually pretty predictable. She’s repeatedly said she can’t keep her hands off her man and she simply doesn’t understand some basic bodily functions (ie: when you gain pregnancy weight you don’t lose it when the baby is born). This is her shtick and a certain group of people love her for it: she’s endearing, she’s dumb, she’s just Jessica. Weight Watchers wanted to align with that brand, and now they have, for better or knocked up.

Jessica signed a contract to lose weight and appear in commercials, not hand over her uterus. I’m no Porny defender (like, ever) but COME ON. This is a bit unseemly, a corporation all up in someone’s reproductive freedom. While the current batch of commercials may be a wash, they did get a substantial amount of press coverage out of her. She went on talk shows, she showed up for the step-and-repeats and pap photos looking thin -- she delivered on the exposure. Weight Watchers will be in for a whole mess of backlash if this “mad at a pregnant woman” narrative continues. A huge part of the their demographic must be women with children, so they need to get on board, quickly.

Just embrace it, I say. What’s better than a Jessica with a baby? A Jessica with TWO babies! If they continue on after her second pregnancy, it will be a double win.

Many celebrities have big families (I consider 3 kids big): Jennifer Garner, Posh, Heidi Klum. But I think Jessica The Fertile baby maker will stick, even if she just has two kids. The back-to-back pregnancy can be her thing now, like twins for Mimi. In terms of her brand, it works really, really well.

It’s easy to rag on Porny – it’s downright enjoyable, actually – and she is one of those rare stars that receives little protection in the media. But she hasn't done anything wrong here, in this case (and limited to this case). We can’t applaud Elizabeth Banks for talking about birth control and then slag Jessica for getting pregnant, planned or otherwise. The choice is hers alone, period. Weight Watchers needs to back the f-ck up.


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