Is he single? Maybe he’s on Blake Lively’s list too.

Henry Cavill was photographed in Madrid yesterday shooting The Cold Light of Day (terrible title). Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver (not pictured) also costar. It’s a major leading role for Cavill, and in addition to his upcoming performance opposite Mickey Rourke in Immortals, perhaps it’s time for Henry, 27, to finally break out. Many of you – because I get your emails – have been waiting for this to happen for a long, long time. On paper, it’s certainly been a very smart, very strategic series of moves.

His work in The Tudors shows some solid acting ability and versatility with material. And he can be a dick too, I really did hate him as Melot in the insufferably boring Tristan + Isolde. Now he’s moving into the action genre. So that leaves a good romance. Look at him. He’s beautiful. I’d pay to see him in a romance, wouldn’t you?

Also, he has really great hair. When it’s short (Dunhill ad), when it’s long-ish (interview with a lady who keeps interrupting him), really really hot hair. Might have to make room for Henry on my Five List. And here’s a direct message to my friend Lo.


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