Red, bright blue, and silver grey were all represented yesterday on the set of Gossip Girl as Hunter must have sent over every available colour, provided to cast members walking to and from their trailers around slushy, cold New York. As you can see, Ed Westwick chose red. It matches the maple leaf on his jacket. Or his assistant’s jacket. And Leighton chose red too.

Blake on the other hand went with bright blue. It works for her, sure.

The silver grey was modelled by Jessica Szohr, who also appeared to be happiest to see the paps. Jessica has made headlines lately for dating Green Bay Packer QB1 Aaron Rodgers who just earned his first trip to the Super Bowl. So now you know why she looks so smug. Something tells me Ed isn’t taking it so well. Then again, as reported in the summer, he opened himself up to it when he took her back after she cheated on him around her birthday.

Now this is what they should be shooting on that show. Blake and Leighton trying to freeze each other out and Jessica Szohr rubbing it right in Ed’s face about her new boyfriend. Maybe tomorrow Ed will show up to work wearing a Steelers jersey. Amazing, right?

Photos from Ron Asadorian/