Meryl Streep is an icon. But Meryl Streep has 20 Oscar nominations and 3 wins. She loses 85% of the time at the Oscars. Which means she’s also used to losing. Isabelle Huppert… I’m not sure Isabelle has that losing percentage. Isabelle just won the Cesar Award on Friday. And, as we’ve been discussing, she was gaining ground on Emma Stone. There were many experts who believed she might be able to take it…

But in the end, Emma was too hard to resist.

We’ll get to Emma later. Right now it’s about Isabelle. And Isabelle’s reaction to Emma’s win. Which… are we maybe overdoing it on the standing ovations? Katherine Johnson getting a standing ovation is, YES, totally warranted. Emma Stone winning her first nomination? Why are we standing? This is not a criticism of Emma Stone. This is a criticism of the lowered standard of the standing ovation.


And you know who wasn’t here for the lowered standard of the standing ovation?

Isabelle Huppert.

Famously competitive Isabelle Huppert. Who was like, a standing ovation for ME is one thing. But am I really supposed to stand, seriously, for an actor who’s not yet 30 years old? No thank you.

I really thought it was Isabelle’s though. I thought she wore a Best Actress dress, a dress that will hold up for decades. But silver is not gold. And gold won the night. Although at the Vanity Fair party, red won the carpet for Isabelle because this outfit, this red sheer blouse that’s tucked in so perfectly that it looks like it’s a mini-peblum from some angles, and the perfect red pencil skirt with the hip pockets, is just so stylish it’s really too bad she couldn’t have accessorised it with a trophy.