Does this mean Emma Stone is back in the lead for Best Actress at the Oscars? Or does this mean nothing because, well, it’s the Hollywood Foreign Press?

Isabelle Huppert upset Natalie Portman for Best Actress in a Drama at the Golden Globes last night. At my house, Emily, Jacek, and I, we all screamed in disbelief. Joanna, who is not only a Natalie Portman apologist but probably her biggest fan, probably threw herself onto the floor and hasn’t gotten back up. Not many people were expecting this. The cage match was supposed to star Natalie and Emma Stone all the way to the Dolby Theatre. Natalie’s dress last night? That was an acceptance dress. That was a dress that was intended to be seen on stage. We’ll get to her later.

Right now, it’s about Isabelle. And while I’m not convinced that this is going to slow Natalie’s momentum, because she already has significant support within the Academy and the Academy is not the HFPA, it certainly does strengthen Isabelle’s Oscar nomination chances. And if she gets in with a nomination? Isabelle Huppert is not going to just let it happen. Isabelle Huppert is not going to let those young ladies, Emma and Natalie, run away with it. Did you read the piece on her in Vulture this weekend? Here’s how the article ends:

“I try to stay in the middle distance, but of course I want to win!” she says, laughing. “Show me this person who does not want to win.”

Isabelle Huppert stood up for herself when Paul Verhoeven was up on stage accepting the award for Best Foreign Film and dedicating everything to her. She clapped for herself. She claimed the praise for herself. Isabelle Huppert is GOING FOR IT. Isabelle Huppert wants it. Isabelle Huppert isn’t pretending that she doesn’t. And I am here for all of it. And I am TOTALLY here to see more of Leonardo DiCaprio having to acknowledge the existence of a woman over 25 years old.