In New York last night at the premiere of Confessions of a Shopaholic, oh lawd. Also popped in for a quick visit with Letterman. But Isla Fisher seemed to be missing her sparkle.

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Photo Assumption! Drawing conclusions based on nothing but photos, zero hard facts, zero source information…

And to me she looks embarrassed.

Embarrassed because, well, first of all she’s starring in the screen adaption of Confessions of a Shopaholic. This does not need an explanation.

Second, not only is she promoting Confessions, she’ll also wage war over the Valentine’s market with He’s Just Not That Into You. Sh-t and diarrhea, you know?

Finally, she’s wearing too much makeup. Isla Fisher doesn’t need this much makeup. Especially the foundation or something, she looks 10 years older.

Three reasons why Isla appears to be uncomfortable. And here’s one more: fear.

Isla has nothing booked going forward which means her career, for now, could be riding on the success of a chick flick. She had Sacha Baron Cohen’s baby – you KNOW she’s better than a chick flick. Kate Hudson wouldn’t worry…but Isla Fisher would worry. This is what I’m photo assuming all over her face.

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