If I was going to be OK with Issa Rae losing to anyone, it was going to be Tracee Ellis Ross. Tracee is a legend. It was about damn time. Without Girlfriends, you could argue that Insecure wouldn’t exist. There’s a Girlfriends reference in the Insecure pilot that I nerded out over so hard. Both of those shows mean so much to me. I like to think that even though Issa Rae was probably disappointed that she didn’t pull a Gina Rodriguez or Rachel Bloom and win on her first nomination, she was OK with losing to Tracee Ellis Ross too.  

One of my biggest disappointments of the Golden Globes, however, was the lack of Issa Rae on my television. Last night was a big night for all of us ride or die Issa Rae fans. Started from YouTube and now she’s at the goddamn Globes! I needed MORE. Issa didn’t show up on the E! Live from the Red Carpet special (if she did, I missed her) and she wasn’t a presenter. The Hollywood Foreign Press really needs to get their sh-t together and let more nominees present. Issa Rae plus Sterling K Brown? Why would they deprive us of this?

Now, about Issa’s dress. If this is what we can expect of Issa Rae’s red carpet game, I am here for it. It’s custom Christian Siriano and the beading is breathtaking. Her body looks insane. Her hair is the definition of goals. Pictures don’t do the look justice. Please take a moment and appreciate Issa Rae in motion.