There’s a lot of activity over Twitter right now (I’m writing this at 10:15am et) about a possible George Clooney/Elisabetta Canalis split. For real? So far, I can only find articles in Italian. Click here and then use Google Translate to read. Apparently he was in London today and issued a statement at a presser confirming they’ve ended their relationship. No more Italian Queen? That’s not usually a Clooney move. To issue a press release informing the world that he’s single. The two were just together a week ago today having dinner in Como. Click here to see the pictures.

Well, as of press time (now it’s 10:16am et), I still can’t find anything in English to support this. I also can’t get a hit on a presser in London. And, well, sometimes the Italian press... you know. It’s not always accurate. Hey, maybe the English online feeds on this have been slow. Maybe it was an Italy-only presser. I just want to hold off on declaring it’s done until we can get this corroborated by something more... solid. If and when it is, I’ll be back with a full analysis and some insight. Will keep checking.

In the meantime, here’s the Italian Queen in Milan yesterday at the DSquared2 show alongside Dwayne Wade wearing a pair of ill-fitting pink pants. These aren’t sitting right, right?

Photos from Tullio M. Puglia/