It happens. A bad first trailer followed by an awesome second one and the film ends up being really, really good. Because on paper, Clint Eastwood + Leonardo DiCaprio + Judi Dench and a Dustin Lance Black screenplay, it’s an Oscar automatic, right?

J Edgar was being called an Oscar automatic from the very beginning. And J Edgar opens in November, right when the rush of Oscar hopefuls begins building towards the Kodak.

So. This first trailer. Does it live up to the expectation?

I feel like I did when I sat in the theatre watching Gran Torino:

Is this is a joke?

This has to be a joke.

There were critics who’d jerked off over it. There were people calling it inspired and enlightened. I happened to be neither. Instead, I found it borderline insulting and actually kind of embarrassing. At one point Clint’s character talks to himself, out loud, to advance the story for the benefit of the audience. And this is moviemaking?

But with the Academy and, frankly, the movie industry surrounding the Academy and all the pageantry that accessorises it, for them Clint Eastwood takes a sh-t and they give it a nomination. Which is why no one wants to admit that his last three or four features have been kinda bullsh-t. And I wonder if this first trailer for J Edgar is an indication that this one might be too...? Is this why Leo needs Blake?

His accent is an ear-sore. That goddamn voice-over is... oh my god, what IS it??? It’s the first time Leo’s acting has made me uncomfortable in a bad way. Because I can SEE it. He looks like he is Acting. And the aging makeup is giving me a lot anxiety. The direction too seems a little obvious. Check out Armie Hammer’s face when he’s looking at Leo across the table at what appears to be their first date. He may as well have cartoon hearts popping out of his eyes it’s so unsubtle.

Let this just be a badly cut clip. Let it live up to the cast and the director and DUSTIN LANCE BLACK for Christ’s sake! I have been preparing to love this movie for months. So that Leo can join Pitt and Clooney and Fassbender and Gosling and Damon in what could be a monumental Oscar race. Let this be good. Please let it be good.

Attached - Leo with Tobey Maguire and family in Australia this week.

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