I was obsessed with John F Kennedy Jr and Carolyn Bessette. OBSESSED. God I loved staring at photos of them together. They were intoxicating. And even through all his romantic shenanigans, when she showed up, it was as though she’d been designed - this is exactly what JFK Jr’s wife should look like. Perfect, right? All of it but for the ending.

Remember that adorable tiny wedding chapel that was exactly the right tone? And her simple white silk Narciso Rodriguez wedding dress that defined the minimalist 90s? Carolyn was the era’s style example, almost haughty in her understatedness, and immediately, so recognisably New York of the time. I’d go into Banana Republic with her on my mind.

So his former assistant has now written a book called Fairy Tale Interrupted. Rosemarie Terenzio says their marriage was troubled because John was busy all the time and Carolyn felt imprisoned by the paparazzi. Nothing really new and, really, nothing really worthwhile. After all, it doesn’t diminish their mystique. What could possibly diminish their mystique? They were taken at their most beautiful, most intriguing, and will never have to age. Do you give a sh-t if some broad who used to book his appointments tells you that sometimes they would argue but that ultimately they loved each other intensely?

Look at the pictures; you already know it from the pictures. I’d rather look at the old pictures.

Click here for excerpts if you’re interested. Or just google image John and Carolyn. It’s a better use of your time.