JLo is shooting a video in Mexico. Some outlets are reporting that her boyfriend Casper Smart is directing it. According to his Twitter, some other dude is actually the director but that dude refers to Casper as a “boss” so he’s probably in fact “producing it” which is her way of finding him a pay source without having it come out of her own pocket. Goddamn she is so f-cking sad.

How hard can it be, when you’re Jennifer Lopez, to find a man who has his own JOB? Is that such a difficult minimum requirement?

As Lorella just said to me on the phone, Casper Smart is the guy who poses in photos with his hand on his chin. You know. He’s the one who rolls up in a crew all wearing denim capri pants with big sneakers, beater tanks, with enough bass coming from the car to topple an apartment complex.

We see the Casper Smarts of the world and step in the opposite direction.

JLo sees the Casper Smarts of the world and gets wet.

Look at him there with his shirt off. WHY IS SHE DOING THIS TO US?

My friend Emily just said that she’s impressed with JLo’s abs. My response was that I don’t give a sh-t if she’s only wasting them on that. And let’s be real here...

If it was lasting it would be one thing. But it’ll be over 6 months after the wedding. And that would be a YEAR gone. If not more. It’s an egregious abuse of time.