Jacek was wearing his hair longer through 2008 and 2009. Before then no one thought he looked like John Mayer. Then it got shaggy and suddenly some people started pointing out the resemblance. I don’t see a resemblance. But I have colleagues who insist on it. All night at the Smut Soiree they were insisting on it. Not just a passing likeness but like SO MUCH. Yesterday at work they decided to produce a side-by-side and tape it up in the office. Because they are bitches. As you know John Mayer’s limp dick music isn’t what I prefer sleeping with.

Is it a mental block? Am I refusing to see this alleged similarity because I’m subconsciously paranoid and afraid that in doing so, John Mayer will pee on me? Because I just... I can’t... it’s not there. Jacek, my husband, to me, does not look like John Mayer. Please. Jacek, to me, looks so much better.

So of course we put a bet on the table. There is a lot of vodka at stake here. And I need you to weigh in honestly.

Here’s Jacek from 2 nights ago at the Smut Soiree. And John Mayer last year on his show cruise. Is there a doppelganger situation happening here?

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