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Written by Jacek

As most of you know, my knowledge of gossip is by association only. So my takes on what’s going on in Hollywood are quite amateur and usually don’t extend beyond a keen-eyed assessment (if I can say so myself) of who’s hot and what kind of pant/shoe combinations do and do not flatter a woman’s figure. Or in the case of Blenderlegs, how gym time can be better allocated to avoid looking like an olive on the end of a toothpick.

But I have to put in my two cents on this ‘Robsten’ thing, hoping dearly to get some entertaining mail of my own.

I find the timing of these photos to be highly suspicious and FAR too convenient for the studio. Remind me, Twi-Hards, of when New Moon is being released? Oh ya, in less than two weeks. And what? The promotional tour has begun? You don’t say!

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that there’s no better way to capitalize on all this pent-up Twi-hard horniness than to ask Kristen and Rob to sneak a hand hold in there with multiple paps stationed in plain view. Like they didn’t know they were there. Right!

X17 took the first shots and at first it seemed like they were the lucky ones to plant a photog high up in a tree and out of sight of security who caught Rob and Kristen in what they thought was a private moment. Except in turns out there were multiple agencies there and the roll-out of these photos was likely coordinated for the biggest bang. I wouldn’t be surprised if an on-site deal between paps was cut to yield the biggest profit. And I gurarantee you a tip was sent to the paps that Rob and Kristen will be boarding a plane at such and such location and if you’re lucky, maybe something interesting will happen. WINK f-cking WINK.

How are they going to one-up this when they need to start promoting Eclipse? Maybe they’ll arrange a rooftop hot tub f-ck session a la Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo? Or maybe they’ll just hold back and coordniate the first kiss photos then. After all, they’ll have to leave something to build up to for the last film.

Update - Lainey says: contrary to Jacek... I believe! And I have been saved.

Written by Jacek
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