This might be my favourite photo of all the photos taken last night. Look at him. Look at Jack Nicholson. When did he become your cuddly Uncle Oscar? And will this be George Clooney in 25 years? Remember, Jack was George and Leo and more when it was safer to be wild. Roman Polanski did what he did at Jack Nicholson’s house. Many people say that Roman Polanski was just doing what they were all doing -- the only difference being that he got caught. And if he could? If Jack could turn his body back? Jack would probably still be doing it. He’d probably think George and Leo were doing it all wrong and definitely not hard enough.

It’s just…suddenly they get old and look old and all you see is a portly retiree who likes to give out hugs. No. It’s not the he wouldn’t. He just can’t anymore.

As for George and Stacy Keibler -- every time I saw them they looked solid. And I’ll always have something to compare it to. I saw George when he was on his way out of Elisabetta Canalis. I saw him when he was just getting into Stacy. He’s still there. Our etalk balcony camera even shot them quick-kissing on their way inside the theatre -- that’s on the show tonight. And she’s still playing it right. Like a royal consort. Never walking ahead. Never getting too close when inappropriate, never straying too far. And still dressing with a lack of imagination though marginally improved in that at least it’s that tacky anymore.

I’ll say this though about George, and Duana says I say it all time, but it’s by far his best quality-- how gracious he is, even though he is who he is. He has let Ben Affleck ride this the entire way. He has let it be about Ben Affleck. Even last night in the press room, he barely spoke, the benevolent chairman ceding the floor to the eager director, only stepping in when absolutely required. Like when he was addressed directly by a journalist asking him to lend his support to a cause by attending an event.

“Can you come?” she asked.

His response:

“That’s a really personal question.”

Dirty bastard.