This is for CJ. And all the rest who email me daily saying enough of Robert Pattinson, what about Jackson Rathbone?


But Jackson is harder to find. Which is why we should get started this Monday morning by sipping on some of his sexy.

This is Jackson in New York at the WordTheatre Pushcart Press benefit reading from prize-winning story "The Bank Robbery" by Steve Schutzman. Jackson then also performed with his band at the afterparty.

What was that? A loin explosion?

I don’t blame you.

First he’s all arty and cerebral hanging out with the literary set, then he rocks out and gets sweaty with them on stage…like, can you picture Kellan Lutz doing the same? Hardly. Kellan Lutz can smile pretty and flex his muscles, the end. Oh no I didn’t. Oh yes I did.

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for more on WordTheatre. James Franco is a board member.

Please. Of course he is.

I love him so much.

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