At least until The Last Airbender has been purged.

I am a fickle bitch, as you know, especially when it comes to quiver. Just the smallest, smallest aberration, it’s enough to kill it forever. Especially when it’s a young actor without a strong foundation, without history, without a body of work to sustain him through the sh-t times...

Jackson Rathbone is in Paris with his Airbender co-stars Dev Patel and Nicola Peltz. For some reason he keeps doing that sh-t with his eyebrows, smirking like some kind of freak with his lips, this on top of his out-turned ballet feet and his shortness, and the fact that we only know him as the possessed vampire in Twilight, I’m just not getting hard for Jackson right now like I used to. And who the f-ck is seeing this movie? The Last Airbender has trended on Twitter for days. You can blame Hollywood for casting bullsh-t but they’re doing it in response to what the People are watching. I hate people.

Photos from and Pascal Le Segretain/