Dear Gossips,

Jacob Tremblay, from Room. And also from Vancouver. I miss you every day, Vancouver. Anyway, Jacob’s dad was trending during the Golden Globes the other night, did you hear about this? Click here if you missed it. Fine…but what about mom?

Jacob was accompanied by both dad and mom yesterday to Jimmy Kimmel. And if we’re spotlighting on attractiveness, it’s not just dad who should be getting all the attention. Because mom is gorgeous, even if the paps decided to get more shots of him than her.

Oscar nominations are coming tomorrow morning. There is a chance that Jacob will be called in the Best Supporting Actor category. After all, he already has a SAG nomination and a Critics Choice nomination. That’ll be my only prediction: Jacob Tremblay, from Vancouver, will be nominated for an Oscar for his performance in Room.

Yours in gossip,