It’s all of it. It’s Jaden Smith’s star turn. It’s Willow Smith’s adorable steeze. It’s Jada Pinkett Smith’s crazy ass legs in a onesie...?

Right now am totally obsessed with the Family Smith. Here they are last night, minus Will and Trey, at the BET Awards last night looking so individual and yet so totally cohesive, so much talent and charisma in such small little bodies, and weird too, in that showbiz way, because ultimately all the intriguing ones are freaks at heart – just ask Elizabeth Taylor.

Normal? Hell no. The Smiths are not normal. The Smiths are tied up in some strange Sci business surrounded in mystery which, in combination with their success streak, and their intangible It, has made them irresistibly compelling, unlike their Xenu friend Tom Cruise who leapt over that line years ago and can’t come back, reducing him, perhaps permanently, to sideshow attraction which just goes to show what an intricate balance it all is. The management of fame and popularity is such a delicate art.

Thank you for all your responses last week to the Jaden Question – click here for a refresher. There seems to be a 50/50 split. Many of you find him precociously entertaining. Some of you found him insufferable. You’ll have to suffer him a lot longer. Because this kid has what they’re looking for. And when he gets older? With that face? Please. It’s done.

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