This kid will be huge

Jacek Posted by Jacek at July 15, 2010 12:26:00 July 15, 2010 12:26:00

I’ll preface this post with two things. First, what the f-ck do I know? I’m married to a Hollywood gossip and only dabble in the topic by association. Second, I haven’t even seen the movie yet but from the feedback I’ve heard, he’s good.

So on to my point. If we’re still around in 10-15 years and you’re reading LaineyGossip on some 3D holographic screen with pictures that put stars in front of and beside you at your desk, think back to this day when I declared that Jaden Smith is going to be the Brad Pitt/George Clooney of the next generation. He’ll be able to sit back and pick his movies. He’ll be ½ of the next generation’s Hollywood power couple. He’ll have private Italian villas and keep a low profile between jobs.

Why do I say this? Given how popular and cocky he is already, you might think that he’ll get spoiled by his child stardom, mixing a couple of DUI’s when he’s of age with the odd night club fight and photo leak of him beside a couple of rows of coke at a party. And perhaps a few other ‘pattern’ transgressions that we’ve seen so many times before that lead to limited roles and a quick decline. But not this kid. Not if he maintains a solid work ethic and avoids putting off his co-stars and directors. Not if my gut feeling is right.

This kid is going to be managed. He’s going to be groomed. And if I’m guessing right, at some point he’s going to be kept grounded. His dad knows how to work the industry too well. And his dad won’t need him to carry his career like Papas Joe or Michael do. So he’ll have all the right people around him, and at some point he’ll be so experienced by such a young age that the Lilo’s of his generation will make him snicker at their f-ckery to the point where he’ll find cooler sh-t to do and stay out of trouble. Just guessing.

Here’s Jaden leaving the BBC Radio One Studios in London earlier today. That is some wicked hair.


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