Be still my quivering loins. And hope to Goddess Sienna doesn’t get her Skank all over him. Because while all the Toothy clues may point to him, I’m telling you, from what I hear from my own slamdunk sources, Jakey G is not gay…though I can certainly see why the ‘Mos might want him to be. Getting better with every year – actors always struggle in their 20s you know. Look at Johnny, look at Leo but come 30 and beyond, somehow they shake the boy blues and bloom into a Man. And although Jake still has 3 years, all the signs are there. The hair, the stare, unbelievably dashing in a tux, the petulant star growing some class, one day perhaps the heir to George Clooney. I am falling in love with Jake Gyllenhaal. And my f&cking Freebie Five is running out of room. Source via Source