Varying reports about their split – People is saying it happened back in October, that his trip to join her in Toronto for a few days while she was shooting Jumper was just a friendly visit, that they had already parted at that point. Us Weekly is saying it just happened, less than two weeks ago, my sources say that’s the most accurate account. As I reported last Thursday, they were definitely together when she was photographed on set in Rome with Hayden Christensen in November. She spoke about Adam to the crew, she talked about being excited to see him, and they were on the phone constantly, she was even overheard saying “I Love You” over and over again. Nothing dramatic and not necessarily permanent, though it’s definitely what both think is best right now, largely to do with distance and scheduling though there have been whispers of a little bit of professional jealousy, that her post OC prospects are much more promising than his - by no means slamdunk gossip so take it for what it’s worth. What I do know is that they are still close, that they were very sweet together even just recently, that she was never involved, not remotely, with Zach Braff, and that friends don’t rule out a reconciliation down the line, though – don’t kill me – wouldn’t it be supercute if she hooked up with Jake Gyllenhaal??? Saddest part in all of this? Who gets the dog?