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Just got back from the opening ceremony – killer activity on the Croisette tonight. Not only on the carpet but further along the beach…

Jerry Seinfeld...and Jakey Gyllenhaal too! I will say this: he deserves his spot on the Freebie Five. Especially now in the flesh.

And the most surprising quiveration coming from the most unlikely source…more on that later.

But first – the lady of the night: Norah Jones. Wow. That she’s pretty goes without saying. But in person? You can’t even imagine how beautiful she is. Clothes are nondescript but it really doesn’t matter. Because you look at her face, at her skin, in her eyes – there is a poise about Norah Jones that is completely beguiling. No wonder they asked her to do it. No wonder she is carrying My Blueberry Nights. No wonder Wong Kar Wai had so much faith in her.

Here she is at the photo call this afternoon. Better here than on the carpet at the opening ceremony where she wore a dark boring dress. Still…the photos don’t do it justice. Live and up close she takes your breath away.

As does my girl Maggie Cheung. I grew up on Maggie Cheung. Maggie was a former Miss Hong Kong contestant, then a television actor in Hong Kong soap operas. Made her first big splash in a super popular series called Police Cadet, co-starring with Tony Leung, with whom she also appeared in In the Mood for Love. Back then, her acting was sh-te.

But now, now Maggie Cheung is a jury member at Cannes AND a former Best Actress winner for Clean. And she hasn’t aged a bit. No I’m serious… she looks the same. And not frozen either. It’s that Asian thing again, you know? Which means she has about 17 years until it all goes to sh-t in, like, 2 weeks.

Anyway, have a look – Maggie at the afternoon photo call, Maggie on the carpet. See why Zhang Ziyi ain’t all that?

Oh and the cutest moment: inside the auditorium, Diane Kruger was announcing and introduced each member of the jury individually. Maggie tripped on her dress, almost fell down the stairs! Of course she recovered beautifully, of course she gracefully glided back to her spot…look at her face though – isn’t that adorable?

And yes Canada…that’s our Sarah Polley. Sarah Polley so young, so talented, so respected, now serving on the jury at Cannes. Pride.

Sorry…more coming but must to bed. Will post more in a few short hours with details on Jude and Jake!


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