Natalie’s in town to hang with her man and to support friend Patrick Marber who wrote Notes on a Scandal and Closer, Gael is a judge at the Berlin Film Festival this year and despite her staged attempts at a Jake G hook up and the tabloids erroneous reporting otherwise, they are together and they have been together all this time…going on at least a year now, if not more, living together in Toronto last Spring when she was shooting Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium and romancing each other under the radar through the summer which (ahem sorry for the gloat) was first reported here and confirmed by Dustin Hoffman in a recent interview he did with Elle Magazine: I"ve just finished filming Mr. Magorium"s Wonder Emporium and I worked with Natalie Portman. She"s wonderful and very smart. My sons were very happy I was working with her. If we hadn"t been filming in Toronto, I think they would"ve dropped by with my lunch in a bag! She was going out with Gael Garcia Bernal at the time though. So here they are last night in Berlin – as you can see Gael is wearing what looks to be the same hat Natalie was wearing in Prague a few weeks ago (see attached) - together on Valentine’s Day … very, very sweet. And surprising too. That they allowed themselves to be photographed together. Like I said before, Natalie is super super discreet about her relationships, as evidenced by her diversionary efforts with Jake Gyllenhaal last year and her preference to have people believe the opposite of what’s really going on. Given the look on Gael’s face, wonder if they were caught by surprise? How refreshing. A rare photo opp that hasn’t been pre-arranged through Elliott Mintz. I’m f&cking shocked. Source