British papers and blogs today are reporting that Natalie Portman and Gael Garcia Bernal have reunited, making out publicly in a London club last night. Warning: gloating ahead. As I’ve reported all along, most recently on October 23rd, they’ve been back together for ALMOST A YEAR! So why is this news? Again – they rented a flat together in Toronto while she was shooting there in the Spring, she went to visit him in Argentina when he was shooting there in the Summer, and he was in Paris with her last month when she was in town for Fashion Week. Click here in the archives for more information. Which only goes to show that the Jake Gyllenhaal staged photo was only just for show. As was the incident with Nat Rothschild. Hate to say it, don’t be mad…but I told you so. And the fact that she’s open about it now can only mean one thing – they are SOLID. Source