Speaking of publicity stunts…here we go again. As you can see, Jake Gyllenhaal and Natalie Portman were snapped at the beach the other day, inspiring renewed interest in a possible romance, especially since he was also photographed a few weeks ago giving her flowers on her birthday. I can see why it would be tempting to believe this. They do make a ridiculously adorable couple, don"t they? Unfortunately, I"m compelled to tell you again what I told you back then. They are friends and friends only. Because Natalie is involved in a serious relationship with Gael Garcia Bernal, with whom she shared an apartment in Toronto during the Wonder Emporium shoot. What this is, my fellow gossips, is a public ruse to throw people off the private truth, to protect her real love from prying pappies and to conveniently "confirm" Jake"s heterosexuality as well. As for that chronic mystery - no, I still don"t think he"s gay. And for what it"s worth, none of my sources think he"s gay either. They do however think that Vince Vaughn is. But you"ve heard that rumour already, right? Photos via Us Weekly