So this OK Magazine report that they were hooking up in NYC last week, clandestine visits in hotel rooms and now everyone is losing their sh-t over a potential new golden couple in Hollywood. Trust me, I wish for it too. Because aside from that brief bout of award sulk last year, Jake is actually hilarious. And being with him might give her a sense of humour. Goddess knows Ryan isn’t exactly Mr FunTime. As for whether or not it’s true…Me na know. What I do know is that it WAS NOT true when the speculation first surfaced last year after these photos taken from the set of Rendition were released in November. In fact, I’ve heard from lock tight sources that this little gathering happened during wardrobe testing and it was, at the time, the sole meeting between the two up to that point. And even in January, I was told absolutely nothing was going on. But that certainly doesn’t mean sparks weren’t ignited after January, although I’ve not been able to track that down. All I hear is that he was in New York on Zodiac promo and they may have had meetings and photoshoots set up for marketing etc as the initial target release date for Rendition is last quarter 2007, hopefully in time for Awards Season. Needless to say, it sounds like a tight timeline especially since there was talk that Jake would be spending much of the Spring shooting in Morocco and South Africa and while it’s not clear if Reese would have been required to join him (her role was supposedly mostly centred in America) it’s not out of the question that some artwork for promotional materials is being put together now. By all means though, if you want to believe the rumour…believe it. They’d be adorable together. The MiniVan Majority will go crazy. And if you aren’t familiar with how likeable Jake really is, you have to see him on Ellen. Particularly when he called on her for her birthday, click here if you haven’t, pretty frickin’ cute. And finally, those underwear shopping stories, about Jakey humming and hawing over tightey whiteys with a male clerk sparking yet another round of Gay Talk conveniently just before these Reese whispers were unleashed…yet another reason to use caution before naming the Witherspoon/Gyllenhaal babies, even though I’ve repeated many times that I don’t think he’s a ‘Mo… Coincidence or conspiracy?