Their films will be released a month apart but both during the award season and both with some mild award buzz...


We’re adults here. There’s no awkwardness. There’s no competition. There’s only grace and dignity in Hollywood among ex-lovers, right?

But first – thanks to all of you who’ve been forwarding it: the international trailer to Love & Other Drugs due out in November. STOP though before you dive in. Because while there is SO MUCH MORE hot sex Jakey, there are also some major spoilers. Consider yourself warned.

Now enjoy. Enjoy it with a knot in your stomach and try, I challenge you to TRY not to watch it at least 3 times.

In December it’ll be time for Reese Witherspoon with Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson and Jack Nicholson in James L Brooks’s latest How Do You Know. Promising cast and director/writer, promising on paper, totally. But this trailer is doing nothing for me. And I actually only care about Jack and Paul and this is what might happen when you’re actually in the theatre – will you wish it was only about Jack and Paul?

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