Just Jared is reporting that Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift were spotted together in Brooklyn yesterday on a coffee run. As Jared pointed out, Maggie Gyllenhaal lives in Brooklyn. Which obviously means that Swifty’s all up in the family, even during holiday season.

Well that adds another dimension, doesn’t it?

Please. I know how disappointed you are that he’s with her. Because you want him to date someone older, more mature, and get married. But that’s more about what you want HIM to be, isn’t it? How is that her fault?

What is her fault is the constant “oh gosh, how can all these great things be happening to me” posturing that the clever folks here brilliantly captured in the video below.

As for Jakey – Lara, Duana, Sasha, and Amy are seeing Love & Other Drugs tonight in Toronto. These are the times when I wish I still lived there. Duana will probably hate it. Sasha will be all over it. And my friend Darren tried to talk me into seeing Burlesque with him tomorrow at a matinee.

Me: Please don’t make me.

Darren: You made me go with you to that press screening for Twilight

Me: Jakey. Naked.

Darren: You win.


File photos from Wenn.com