From Rachel S: defending Jake Gyllenhaal

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 23, 2006 12:00:00 January 23, 2006 12:00:00
You posted on your blog today that you think Jake Gyllenhaal is a whiney, sulky bitch for missing the Golden Globes. That you didn"t believe he was filming Zodiac with David Fincher. Of course you failed to mention that he was late to the Critics Choice awards, in which he was nominated. If he is such a whiney, sulky bitch why would he be late to an award show he was nominated for. Maybe because he is actually stuck filming! Some films and some directors, like Fincher, who is known to be meticulous when filming had the star of the movie continue on a schedule of filming. Of course you didn"t mention that Heath and Michelle didn"t take pictures with Ang Lee and the producers after the Golden Globes. That when they were asked where Heath and Michelle were they said they weren"t taking pictures because they lost. So who is being whiney and sulkey there?? The official word is that the after party that Jake went to was with the Brokeback cast and producers, etc. You didn"t mention that one. And of course you failed to mention that Jake was at yesterday"s L.A. Critcs Awards with Ang and the producers but Heath and the rest of the cast wasn"t. Being that you are way up on Canada your "sources" are very far away in L.A. Did your "sources" actually talk to Jake? Doesn"t seem like it. It seems like you have twisted everything Jake says or supposedly does to fit your gossip column. Instead by not adding in all the facts you are more of a whiney, sulky bitch than Jake could ever be. Wonder if you will add in any of these facts now? Dear Rachel, I’m starting to believe that my devotion to Gwyneth is clearly not as strong as I thought. I know nothing about her daily whereabouts or her schedule and I certainly don’t keep an equally eagled eye on her co-stars and her industry competition. Very impressive. I definitely need to reexamine the intensity of my Paltrow obsession. But I digress. This is about Jakey. As you requested, I have shared your Gyllenhaal Diary and your “facts” with everyone else so that they can make up their own minds. But the bottom line is this. It takes one to know one. I am as whiny, sulky, and bitchy and as it gets. Which means I can spot a whiny sulky bitch as soon as I see one. And your boy has whiny sulky bitch written all over him. photo courtesy of Mark Z.

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