Jake Gyllenhaal and Marcus Mumford were seen hanging out in New York yesterday. They’ve been friends a few years. Some say it was Jake who introduced Marcus to Carey Mulligan. Carey’s in NYC for Skylight on Broadway which could explain why Marcus is around.

Meanwhile, in other Mumford news…

According to the NY Daily News Winston Marshall is hooking up with Katy Perry. Supposedly they were both in Berlin the other night and “got it on”. If true, it would be the third time…or fourth?... she’s broken up with John Mayer. And the possibility that she and Carey Mulligan might become friends. Which… like if we’re talking pop star wars and Taylor Swift … is a pretty good f-cking comeback. Like, there’s the Jake angle. And then the Carey factor. If we’re playing this game and assigning point values, doesn’t Carey score higher than 5 models put together?

Also attached - Katy Perry performing in Germany last week.