Stop acting like it was your idea. I’ve been riding this Gossip Genie wish since 2010. It’s been FIVE YEARS.

Here are Rachel McAdams and Jake Gyllenhaal having dinner together in LA on Sunday.

Is it happening? Is it finally actually happening?

Last year they made a movie together called Southpaw. And they wrapped on that movie as friends. Since then, there’s really been no evidence that they’d been spending any time together. But they’ll be starting promoting for Southpaw soon. And, if you recall, that’s kinda sorta how it worked on The Notebook. Rachel and Ryan hated each other when they were filming. And there was nothing between them when they left production. But at some point, as the release date neared, something sparked. And they grew closer during the press tour.

Could be the same for Rachel and Jake?

Well…. PEOPLE says they’re just friends. That they were just catching up.

F-ck you, PEOPLE. You can’t kill my hope. (Even though sometimes, when I look at them, it’s like they’re siblings.)