The UK Daily mail has published more photos of Reese and Jakey in Rome leaving no doubt that they’re a couple … and that they want you to know it. Because as adorable as they are, and they are very much so, they also have a movie to sell. And to save. Rendition totally ate it at the box office this weekend – a major disappointment given the level of star power behind the film and the amount of hype generated prior to its release.

Needless to say, Reese and Jakey have their work cut out for them.

Still…their coupling is undoubtedly irresistible. And the slight matching change in their physiques is noteworthy as well. Check it out - though still fit and trim, his abs aren’t as rock solid as they’ve been before and while she is as toned as ever, of course, you’ll recall she was actually pretty skinny six months ago, especially during awards season, and seems to have filled out just a wee. Just a wee. Curves look great on Reese.

Cute, non?