Jakey to accept?

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Jakey G took Reese to the Laker game last night. They sat beside power player Jeffrey Katzenberg for whom Reese worked in Monsters vs Aliens, the next blockbuster animated release due out in March by Dreamworks. Coincidentally, or not, Dreamworks just announced "perhaps the biggest media-advertising event in history” involving “tens of millions of dollars” during the Super Bowl. Keep in mind, due to the current economic sh-ts, advertising has been hit hard. In December, ad inventory for the Super Bowl which usually sells out in the summer – it’s the Super Bowl! – was still available. Over 10% of it was still available thanks to GM and FedEx pulling out. You can imagine how much that cut into the network’s bottom line.

Needless to say then, the Dreamworks campaign is a huge cash coup for NBC. 150 million 3D glasses are being distributed for viewers to catch a 90 second trailer of Monsters vs Critics to air during the Super Bowl.

So you think this little courtside appearance has anything to do with that?

Like I always say, Reese is legitimately in love but she’s also not above selling it either. Especially when Jeffrey Katzenberg is asking her to. She looks great. And happy.

As for Jakey so handsome even though he’s hurting in those pants…

Jake is scheduled to present at the Globes on Sunday but my sources are now telling me he’s been asked also to accept on behalf of the late Heath Ledger should he win for Best Supporting Actor. Apparently the Ledger family hasn’t decided if they’ll attend and if they do end up skipping, they’ve supposedly requested that Jake step in for the honours. As you know, Jake and Heath became close during Brokeback Mountain and Jake is godfather to Matilda. Keep you posted.

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