Great week for Jake Gyllenhaal. As already mentioned, lots, he was nominated for a SAG award and for a Golden Globe for his performance in Nightcrawler. His sister, Maggie, was also nominated for both (Best Actress Miniseries, The Honourable Woman). And Ruth Wilson, his Broadway co-star in Constellations, was nominated for The Affair. Duana’s been recapping The Affair since the beginning. We’re really into this show, even though someone emailed to yell at us a couple of months ago for featuring The Affair (a show “nobody cares about” – the sender’s words) over Outlander. Look, like I’ve said a few times already, I tried Outlander for a few minutes and the voiceover made me crazy. Also, a show with one woman, even if she’s the lead, primarily surrounded by men, with no other women to bounce off, is not my fantasy. Sorry.

Anyway, Ruth and Jake are currently busy rehearsing the play. They were photographed leaving the studio yesterday in New York. I’m also attaching shots of him earlier in the day in a winter coat wearing his backpack with his headphones in.