The Gossip Genie appears to be ignoring my requests for a Jake Gyllenhaal-Rachel McAdams love situation. Because he’s been spending a lot of time with Ruth Wilson. They’re working on a new play together, Constellations. But there have also been lunches and dinners. And according to E!, they were kissing at dinner the other night. Another source tells E! they’re just focusing on their performances. But now Page Six is reporting that they’re definitely blurring the professional and personal. Do these look to you like they’re lovers or is it more of a sibling vibe? My Photo Assumption says sibling. Let me know your thoughts.

Here’s a shot of Jakey and Ruth in VOGUE to promote the production. That is…not the most flattering shot of him, is it?

Have you been watching The Affair? Duana’s recap of the season finale is coming up shortly. If you know the show, you are now familiar with Ruth’s appeal. She’s fearlessly talented. And that fearlessness is so f-cking sexy. Also, those lips.